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Hello beautiful souls! 

Here is where I'm supposed to talk more about myself in brief details... I'm going to try my best to make this as simple and honest as possible!

I'm a certified yoga teacher who has been teaching on and off for now 4 years and I adore it... Discovering new places and learning new cultures are a big priority in my life right now. Traveling might just be one of my all time favourite things to do!!! As some of you might already know, I can spend an entire day in the kitchen cooking vegan recipes and creating new smoothie blends. I have a very strong connection with Crystals/stones/gems and use them daily to help me through whatever life is preparing for me. One last thing!!! I'm a very creative being, anything that is artistic SPEAKS to me... I love to paint, sing and dance my heart out. 

Contact me if you have any ideas about articles or just to say hi! 

Much love & light 


Emmy Sckoropad aka The TrueGem

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Emmy Sckoropad